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Farnham, uk
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I have lots of hobbies, like highboard diving, scouts, caving, climbing and of coarse, watching TV. My favourate TV program is doctor who, (with scary ones I hide behind the sofa) I like inviteing my friends over to watch with me, then we have sleepover the whole time. My best friends are called, Emma, chantell, abi, emily, laura, celia and clare. We all ways hang out. Recently, my boyfriend ran off with my best friend celia,saying he "just wanted to be friends."! But he then admited, AS A FRIEND that he was bisexual, and fancied a boy in my class.This is goodand bad news. Bad news because I kissed him. Good news because now celias dating a gay boy! I'm now glad he broke up with me and mad at celia for stealing him. But I can get her back!

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